a live stereoscopic 3D Dance Performance by 1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner, AT)


Upcoming Show:
March 16th 2012 @ University of applied Sciences Salzburg

Recent Versus - Shows:
July 27th & 28th 2011 @ BELEF, Belgrad Summer Festival 2011 (Serbia)
March 17th 2011 @ ARGEKu
ltur Salzburg



Keywords: Live Performance, Realtime, Battle, Visualisation, Synaesthesia, Stereoscopic, Man vs. Machine, Human System, Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, Puppetry

Abstract: A real Performer meets his virtual Counterpart, both learn from each other and adapt, dance with or fight against each other. A performative experiment, that explores boundaries and possibilities in the struggle between indivual and his virtual mirror, man and machine. Artistic and scientific positions in the fields of digital performance and artificial life are being explored.
With this concept we became one of the winners of the Podium-Call of the Region of Salzburg (Austria)

Versus Man Machine
Mankind dreams of hiding failures and improving looks and capabilities. Due to our digitalpossibilities these dreams seem to become true more and more. Chess world champions are not from Russia anymore but from Silicon Valley, and our own digital represantations (pre)tend to be seen more real, more perfect and more beautiful than our actual existence.
In the Performance „Versus“ a real performer is being absorbed into a mechanical/machine like world where he meets his virtual counterpart. Typical human „patterns“ are being developed between the 2, such as scepticism, the play with boundaries, adaption, communication, collaboration and destruction. The machine copies these patterns and returns them back in a new form, a different kind of battle is being developed: Man meets machine, reality versus virtuality, perfection versus failure, rag doll versus autonomy, subject versus object, individual versus mass. What will remain? A conflict? A cooperation?Or simply the attempt to combine the one with the other in a way that makes sense and that leaves space for both to advance.

The Question of singularity is an important impulse for this work, what happens if our being is analyzed and reproduced by machines and if our human patterns are being processed in a new way to develop a post-human creature?
What does it mean for a performer to interact and improvise with a partly autonomous virtual character? Is there a possibility that a performer is becoming obsolete, or are new forms of art developed at this point? What is the result, if your own individual patterns (your facial expressions, your movements) are being returned like in a distorting mirror? The movements seem to appear similar, but also not, because they are put together in a new way. What happens at that point, can an algorithm pretend creativity due to a cut up and a new synthesis of human movement-samples? Can a real existing human being keep the control in a world of endless digital and mechanical possibilities? Or is the result simply an overall-picture of both?

Once again (and just as in our latest performances CPU, winner of the Salzburg Media Art Award, or 1dentity, we want to work in real existing and virtual rooms (IMAX like), we want to explore boundaries of what is possible in interactive computer performance art and we want to combine possibilities in media art with traditional art forms.

1n0ut: Robert Praxmarer & Reinhold Bidner (Idea, Concept, Code, Realisation, Visuals & Audio)
Nanina Kotlowski (Dance & Choreography)

Reinhold Bidner
tel.: +43 (0)699 12909471

Supported by
Region of Salzburg (Podium-Call)
Salzburg City Council
Sparkasse Kulturfonds
BELEF, Belgrad Summer Festival 2011
ARGEKultur Salzburg
Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrad
CADET (Center for Advances in Digital Entertainment Technologies) / University for applied Sciences Salzburg
MultiMediaTechnology / University for applied Sciences Salzburg